AIBC Recognizes Outstanding Dedication

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Outstanding dedication to the architectural professional and community will be celebrated at AIBC’s 2018 Recognition Ceremony.

Eva Matsuzaki, Honorary Member of the AIBC, will receive the prestigious AIBC Lifetime Achievement Award for an outstanding career-long body of work. The ceremony will also recognize AIBC volunteers who have demonstrated significant service and dedication to the Institute, with Architects AIBC John J. McCormack and Russell Hollingsworth receiving awards for their volunteer efforts. In addition, five AIBC Council Members will be honoured for their contributions.

Professional Service Award

AIBC Lifetime Achievement Award | Eva Matsuzaki Honorary Member of the AIBC
Eva graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1966 – one of only two women in the class of forty. She began her architectural career working at Eero Saarinen’s office in Connecticut, where she contributed to the design of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Eva also met her future husband – Kiyoshi Matsuzaki – at the firm.

Eva and Kiyoshi moved to Vancouver in 1972 where they would work closely together for the entirety of their architectural careers. Eva worked at many notable firms, including McCarter Nairne from 1972–74, and Arthur Erickson Architects from 1974-84. Eva and Kiyoshi then founded their own firms – Matsuzaki Wright Architects with Jim Wright, and Matsuzaki Architects Inc.

During her more than 40 years of professional practice, Eva was at the helm of many influential projects, including leading the transformation of the old Vancouver Court House into the current Vancouver Art Gallery, to designing the iconic C.K. Choi Building at the University of British Columbia.

She was a founding member of Women in Architecture, and the first female president of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, leading the organization from 1998–99. In addition, she has been a member of AIBC Council, the AIBC Examining Board, Canadian Architectural Certification Board, City of Vancouver Urban Design Panel, and Canada Line Board.

Volunteer Service Awards

AIBC Award for Lifetime Volunteer Achievement | John J. McCormack Architect AIBC
John has been an exceptionally active member of AIBC. As of 2018, he has volunteered with the AIBC for more than 45 years. He first served on the Advisory Service Committee, where he was tasked with starting the Architects’ Advisory Service – a public outreach program which ran for 25 years.

From there, John continued to contribute to the Institute, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to policy, program, and committee work. Highlights include helping create the Internship in Architecture Program, acting as chair and committee member of the Examining Board and the Professional Conduct Board, being an Oral Examiner and mentor for intern architects, AIBC representative to the Canadian Architectural Certification Board, and member of several other committees.

AIBC CEO Award for Exceptional Volunteer Service | Russell Hollingsworth Architect AIBC
Since registration, Russell has been actively involved with the AIBC. He contributed to the creation of the architectural competency matrix, which formed the basis of an outcomes-based assessment and was adopted at the national level. He has served as a dedicated member of the Registration Board since June 2004, and the Qualifications Committee since 2006. In addition, Russell has been a panelist for Oral Reviews and reinstatement interviews, sat as a member of AIBC Council, and mentored many alternative qualification candidates. He has also volunteered as a consultant to Rhodes House Trust, Oxford University; Board Member for the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC; and several other planning commissions, design panels and charity boards.

Certificates of Recognition
David Dove Architect AIBC, Sylvie Gagnon Architect AIBC, Karl Gustavson Architect AIBC, Selwyn Dodd Retired Architect AIBC, and Aaron Urion Intern Architect AIBC will be honoured with Certificates of Recognitions for their contribution as AIBC Council Members or Liaisons.