BMO Field, home to the Toronto FC, hosted the celebration of two goals on the TFC’s home opener May 7. 

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High-rise development is expected to be the hardest hit real estate activity in an unfolding Canada-U.S. trade war, but fallout across a wider range of consumer goods has potential negative implications for commercial warehouse and distribution facilities. 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

New Funding for Women in Skilled Trades

The Canadian government has pledged $76 million to draw more women into the construction trades.

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The role and function of the prime contractor is becoming better understood as the industry gains greater comfort with the concept.

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A new report aims to shatter what it suggests are lingering misperceptions about the performance of Toronto’s so-called “glass towers.”

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Fewer glass towers will be appearing in Canadian skylines if proposed changes to the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) are adopted. Consumer demand may be driving the proliferation of high-rise condominiums with extreme...

Heartwood the Beach Condos is poised to become Toronto’s debut six-storey wood-frame development. The collection of 40 luxury suites, set to rise on the northeast corner of Queen Street and Woodbine Avenue, is scheduled to enter construction this spring.

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Historical climate data is losing relevance in Canada’s model national building, energy, fire and plumbing codes as severe storms, drought and intense heat waves become more frequent.

With the number of cranes dotting the GTA’s skyline, it’s clear that condominium demand remains strong. Each new development is a testament to the talented professionals who bring them to life — it’s an incredible feat of architecture, engineering and project management to start with a deep hole in the ground and end up with 27 floors of gleaming glass tower. It’s a challenging, multi-stage process.

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