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Commercial real estate drives the economy as an employer and purchaser of goods and services; it backstops the economy as an investment asset class; and it literally houses a vast portion of global economic activity.
Canadian Property Management drills into and draws connections between each of these key functions — exploring how the buildings sector coexists with a fragile environment and its multidisciplinary workforce navigates an evolving society.
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Energy efficiency advocates are working to enlist broader support and leverage existing influential backers at a time when government commitment is becoming more uneven across North American jurisdictions.

Costs of Dismantling Cap and Trade Queried Friday, 06 July 2018 20:51

Costs of Dismantling Cap and Trade Queried

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Ontario-based participants in the Western Climate Initiative were locked out of their carbon trading accounts immediately after the new Ontario government revoked the provincial cap and trade regulation July 3.

Commercial building operators will have to send their receipts to Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation to confirm their eligibility for rebates that the former government approved for electric vehicle chargers.

Canadian ASHRAE members were recognized for outstanding research, contribution to their local chapters and overall distinguished service earlier this week at the Society’s annual conference in Houston, Texas.

The upfront costs of Ontario’s electricity conservation programs are lower than some candidates for provincial office are alleging. Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford recently promised that his party’s plan to fund energy efficiency measures with tax revenue rather than directly through hydro rates would cut the average family’s annual electricity costs by about $43.

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