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Canadian Property Management drills into and draws connections between each of these key functions — exploring how the buildings sector coexists with a fragile environment and its multidisciplinary workforce navigates an evolving society.
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Dave Ramslie Named as Clean50 Honouree

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Concert’s Dave Ramslie, vice president, sustainability, has been named as a 2019 Clean50 Honouree in the Buildings Category.

Canada’s Clean50 Awards are announced annually by Delta Management Group and the Clean50 organization recognizes 50 individuals or small teams, from 16 different categories, who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada over the past two years.

Ramslie was chosen after rigorous screening and research by Delta Management, with advice from internal researchers and external advisors, and was among the top 50 honourees selected from an initial pool of nearly 600 qualified nominees.

“Over the past three years Dave has, through both advocacy and his professional work, led the development of a new regulatory framework for buildings intended to lower greenhouse gases, improve resilience and increase occupant comfort,” says Gavin Pitchford, Chief Executive Officer, Delta Management Group.

Ramslie led the development of the white paper that helped the City of Vancouver and the Province of B.C. to introduce the Zero Emissions Building Strategy and the BC Energy Step Code, as well as led the development of the first standard of its kind in the world to specifically focus on carbon, and be applicable to all building types, the Canada Green Building Council’s Zero Carbon Building Standard and the City of Toronto’s Zero Emissions Building Framework.

“Concert is very proud of Dave’s achievements and his recognition as a 2019 Clean50 Honouree,” says Brian McCauley, Concert’s president and Chief Executive Officer. “As a member of our leadership team, Dave brings unique thinking and creative solutions to sustainability opportunities as we focus on improving our performance and reducing our environmental footprint.”