Touchless Technology in the Kitchen Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Touchless Technology in the Kitchen

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Hands-free technology has taken off in residential kitchens. Hands-free faucets (also known as touchless faucets, electronic faucets, or motion-sensing faucets) continue to evolve and gain popularity in homes.

The 12 Greenest Buildings in Canada Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The 12 Greenest Buildings in Canada

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British Columbia is home to six of the 12 greenest buildings in Canada according to the 2016 Green Buildings Review by Corporate Knights. The review identifies the top 12 greenest buildings in Canada. Ontario has four buildings with Quebec and Nova Scotia housing one each.

Heartwood the Beach Condos is poised to become Toronto’s debut six-storey wood-frame development. The collection of 40 luxury suites, set to rise on the northeast corner of Queen Street and Woodbine Avenue, is scheduled to enter construction this spring.

The impact of the built environment on human health and wellness is becoming a more important topic in the industry. As the buildings industry attempts to meet new demands related to human health and wellness, an important concept that has emerged is the use of various building materials and finishes.

Achieving energy efficiency in multi-residential properties is the new normal. With the cost of utilities rising, apartment owners are constantly endeavoring to reduce their net operating costs while finding new and creative ways to market their buildings

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